EPICENTER 2017: Thunderbirds 2-0 NP, represent America in Moscow

Image courtesy of sportfm.ru
Image courtesy of sportfm.ru /

Thunderbirds have brought an end to Team NP’s undefeated run to EPICENTER 2017 AQ’s grand final. Like every other team the Thunderbirds met since falling into the losers’ bracket, NP fell 2-0 to TB. Neither of the matches were very long, and Game 2 was particularly short for a grand final elimination game. In Game 1, Team NP was put on the back foot and stalled the match for 42 minutes before losing; Game 2 was similar, but stalling was much less of an option for NP. The series ended in the 27th minute of Game 2, Team NP going home empty-handed.

Thunderbirds eliminate Team NP, head to EPICENTER 2017 in Moscow
Image courtesy of sportfm.ru /

Thunderbirds vs. Team NP: Mother’s Day rematch, Summit 7 AQ

I mentioned the possibility of a rematch when Thunderbirds met Digital Chaos in the winners’ finals. DC swept Team NP and Thunderbirds back-to-back to reach the grand finals, leaving TB and NP to face off a second time. Unless Team NP has done some serious homework in the hours between these two series, it’s not likely that NP advances to a grand final against Digital Chaos. We’ll see what happens, but TB were convincing yesterday.

The Summit 7 is less critical for Thunderbirds, having clinched a spot at the EPICENTER 2017 group stage yesterday. EPICENTER 2017 is likely to hold much more significance for all teams involved in terms of receiving invitations to TI7. Furthermore, Team NP will be questioned strongly by the TI7 committee if they drop the ball a second time versus Thunderbirds.

Team NP defeated SG e-sports by two games to one in order to meet Thunderbirds in the losers’ finals of the Summit 7 AQ. TB met SG e-sports twice during the past week; both meetings were 2-0 sweeps, so I’ve already lost some confidence in Team NP who dropped a game to SG on May 13, 2017. SG e-sports has been dealing with roster problems, substituting players from Midas Club Elite to participate in the Summit 7 AQ semifinals.

Hightlights: EPICENTER 2017 grand finals

Thanks a lot for reading, and enjoy the highlights from Thunderbirds vs. NP. If you have any idea who wins the rematch, let me know on Twitter before the match begins.