DOTA Summit 7 AQ: Thunderbirds will meet former org Digital Chaos for spot in Grand Finals


TB’s players have endured a transition outside of Dota 2. Leaving their former organization, Digital Chaos, just ten days before The Kiev Major must have been both difficult and distracting. Thunderbirds are streaking at the moment, and look like a team that others would prefer to avoid.

Thunderbirds at The Kiev Major

The Kiev Major must have been a thrill ride for any old fans of Digital Chaos; 6-6 was Thunderbirds group stage record. Here’s how it played out, in short:

TB 2-1 Team Liquid | TNC Pro Team 2-1 TB | TB 2-1 Vici Gaming J | OG 2-1 TB

By these results, TB earns 8th place out of 16 and a round of 16 matchup against 9th seed Evil Geniuses. This series ended in a 2-0 sweep for EG.

Dota Summit 7
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Thunderbirds since The Kiev Major

Following a lackluster performance at The Kiev Major, Thunderbirds find themselves in a great position. Heading into today’s matchup with SG e-sports for The Summit 7, TB have swept four out of their last five Bo3 series. Two sweeps came from The Summit 7 American Qualifier (defeating is GG and Infamous to avoid a group stage matchup with Digital Chaos), and two more from the EPICENTER American Qualifier (defeating SG e-sports and Elite Wolves).

Thunderbirds had only three hours of break time today before facing compLexity in EPICENTER’s Losers’ Round 3. TB won, extending their win streak further despite playing a back-to-back. I had compLexity taking the series by 2 games to 1, so much for that prediction.

Thunderbirds vs. SG e-sports: Summit 7 AQ semifinals

Thiolicor joined SG e-sports as a substitute (after leaving Midas Club Elite last month). Two more MCE members, Sooths and Nedbone, left Midas Club Elite today. Unfortunately, SG e-sports needed a bigger boost than the Support player was able to provide on the day. Though, at 17 years of age, Thiolicor has plenty of time to develop into that sort of player; only time will tell.

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