Legendary Dota 2 player Hao joins Vici Gaming

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Image Courtesy of wiki.teamliquid.net /
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Vici Gaming announced on its Twitter page that Hao, the legendary Chinese carry is going to return from 10 months of inactivity. Hao returns to the professional Dota scene right in time for TI7.

Hao’s history

Hao is one of the only few players to attend every iteration of the International Dota 2 Championships. He attended TI1 with TyLoo where they finished 9-12th. After the TI1 shuffle, Hao left for TongFu as they finished 7-8th and 4th in TI2 and TI3 respectively. Not reaching the heights he expected with TongFu, Hao joined the legendary Newbee team alongside Mu, Xiao8, Banana and Sansheng. With this team, he won TI4 much to everyone’s delight.

After a series of disappointing result with Newbee, he left for Vici Gaming in 2015 in time for the TI5. With Hao at their helm, VG looked unstoppable on paper. Despite being a strong contender for TI5, they eventually lost to LGD Gaming in the lower bracket, finishing 4th in the tournament. In the post TI5 shuffle, he returned to Newbee, reuniting with Mu. Newbee finished 9-12th in TI6 after which he became inactive until now.

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The new Vici Gaming

The new Vici Gaming sees Hao join with legendary support ChuaN. After DDC left for LFY.Young, VG loaned ChuaN from Newbee Boss so that they can take part in the TI7 qualifiers. With END taking a break from playing professional Dota, Vici Gaming urgently needed someone to fill his place. With Hao showing a willingness to return, it was confirmed that he would be filling in the number 1 position. Vici Gaming, who has been overshadowed by BurNIng’s Invictus Gaming for the past few months would be hoping to comeback with a fresh look.

Vici Gaming current roster

Chen ‘Hao‘ Zhihao

Zeng ‘Ori‘ Jiaoyang

Zhou ‘Yang‘ Haiyang

Xu ‘Hym‘ Zhi

Wong Hock ‘ChuaN‘ Chuan

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