EPICENTER 2017 AQ: Team NP vs. Thunderbirds, grand finals predictions

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Image courtesy of gosugamers.net /

EPICENTER 2017 America Qualifier: Who takes the cake?

We have two teams that are rising steadily, winning matches and making deep runs in regional tournament brackets. Thunderbirds are a brand new organization. Digital Chaos admit to owing much of their recent success to Thunderbirds current roster: Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok, Aliwi “w33” Omar, David “MoonMeander” Tan, Rasmus “MiSeRy” Berth Filipsen, and Martin “Saksa” Sazdov.

Team NP was my early pick to run away with the American slot for EPICENTER 2017, and so far I’ve been proven correct. Revisiting this prediction, I’m less confident that the series will be easy for Team NP. Take a look at how Thunderbirds have been doing over the past week; their form is something special at the moment.

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In-form Team NP: May 7-14

Like Thunderbirds, Team NP are competing in both the Summit 7 AQ and the EPICENTER AQ. While Team NP sprinted to the grand finals of EPICENTER through the winners’ bracket, Thunderbirds had a fire lit beneath them by is GG.

I don’t want to give to too much credit to Team NP for their winners’ bracket run. Team FIRE was an easy opponent, and the same can be said for Elite Wolves. The first half of their run was simply taking care of business against smaller opponents; winning these series was expected.

In-form Thunderbirds: May 7-14

Thunderbirds have swept seven of their eight series during this period. The one loss, also a sweep, came versus is GG. Thunderbirds met is GG a second time during the losers’ finals of EPICENTER AQ, sweeping is GG to reach Team NP in the grand finals. Comeback kids, these guys.

I admit, TB have played similar teams to Team NP (also sweeping EW after falling to the losers’ bracket). Extra credit is given to Thunderbirds for their recent consistency.

Team NP meet Thunderbirds in the grand finals of EPICENTER AQ
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Grand finals Predictions

There is one thing that EPICENTER’s America Qualifier is missing, a Game 3. Not a single team has responded to a Game 1 loss by forcing a third game. Regardless of who wins Game 1 (I think it will be Team NP), Game 2 will go to the opposite side, essentially making the series a Bo1. But, which team wins the American slot?

Team NP will advance to EPICENTER’s group stage. Though, viewers are likely to be treated to a rematch of NP and TB in the losers’ finals or grand finals of Summit 7 AQ bracket. If Digital Chaos vs. Thunderbirds goes poorly for TB, the rematch will be sooner rather than later.

What predictions do you have? Please, share them on Twitter and let’s see how gets it right. Thanks for reading!