EPICENTER 2017 AM: Quarterfinals Highlights and Semifinals Predictions

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Image Courtesy of wiki.teamliquid.net /

This American Qualifier is played on Dota 2’s patch 7.05, and rewards one of eight teams with a spot at the EPICENTER 2017 Main Event. The qualifier runs from May 7-14, but the Main Event runs from June 4-11. EPICENTER 2017’s prize pool is a total of $500,000; this is certainly a tournament that teams try hard to win — everyone should look to bring their A game. For quarterfinals highlights, scroll down.

Who will represent America at EPICENTER 2017?

Six American teams were invited: Team NP, Team FIRE, Midas Elite Club, compLexity Gaming, SG e-sports, and Thunderbirds. Two teams made it through the American EPICENTER 2017 Open Qualifiers #1 and #2 (each of these Open Qualifiers had 512 teams). #1 produced Elite Wolves and #2 produced is GG.

All American quarterfinal series ended 2-0. Surprisingly, Elite Wolves and is GG swept their matchups. We’ve seen this plenty of times in Dota 2, and the results tend to be similar: expectations peak for a well-known team, and playing up to the level of said expectations proves too difficult.

Immediately, Team Secret’s Kiev Major loss in the Round of 16 to SG e-sports comes to mind. Thunderbirds are another example. Four of these (former Digital Chaos) players made the final of TI6, losing 3-1 to Wings Gaming. Analysts believe Thunderbirds are not on the same page in-game and become tilted on stage.

Team’s like Invictus Gaming (direct invite to EPICENTER 2017) are more consistent, but still vulnerable to the occasional sweep. Winning Dota 2 Main Events boils down to who is prepared to play on Match Day. With that said, let’s get into some predictions.

EPICENTER 2017: Semifinals Predictions

Team NP will defeat Elite Wolves, likely by a 2-0 margin. Elite Wolves looked impressive in the quarterfinals by sweeping Midas Club Elite; however, MCE is arguably the weakest team in this bracket. It doesn’t matter much who wins the upper Losers’ Round 1 matchup because is GG or compLexity Gaming will advance to Round 3 regardless.

SG e-sports is my dark horse from the Losers’ Bracket. I’m rooting for Thunderbirds because it’s time for them to show up and play. Allowing SG e-sports to make another headline would be embarrassing to say the least. Thunderbirds, it’s time to bring it.

compLexity will meet Team NP in the Grand Finals. Team NP will complete the EPICENTER 2017 American Qualifier with less than 3 game losses (8-2 game record overall). Do you have different thoughts on these outcomes? Share them with me on Twitter.

Quarterfinals Highlights: EPICENTER 2017

Highlights for MCE vs. Elite Wolves are currently unavailable. Thanks for reading.