EPICENTER 2017 AM: Losers’ Round 2 Predictions

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Every series at EPICENTER 2017 thus far has been a sweep, with the exception of Midas Club Elite vs. Team FIRE. MCE advanced to Losers’ Round 2 by a default win. Team FIRE had a schedule conflict that resulted in forfeiture of the series. Remember, EPICENTER 2017 has a $500,000 prize pool for it’s Main Event; I hope the time they gained was worth it.

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Winners’ Semifinal Predictions

“Team NP will defeat Elite Wolves, likely by a 2-0 margin.” (spot on)

“compLexity will meet Team NP in the Grand Finals”

(going as planned)

“SG e-sports is my dark horse … “(incorrect due to a Thunderbirds sighting)

  • “Team NP will complete the EPICENTER 2017 American Qualifier with less than 3 game losses (8-2 game record overall)” (going as planned)
  • EPICENTER 2017: Losers’ Round 2 Predictions

    By claiming that “compLexity [would] meet Team NP in the Grand Finals”, I called that is GG would win the Winners’ Semifinals and send compLexity to the Losers’ Round 2. This is where

    compLexity begins their run to the finals. Let me be clear; compLexity eliminates Midas Club Elite in the Losers’ Round 2


    I’m standing by this one though compLexity, with their backs against the wall down 0-1 to is GG, crumbled completely and called “GG” in the 14th minute. If there’s any team that would lose to a demoralized compLexity, it’s Midas Club Elite. This will be the case.

    Peru’s Elite Wolves fall to Thunderbirds. Elite Wolves have a chance to survive, facing Dota 2’s most likely team to drop a winnable series — Thunderbirds. Thunderbirds won’t win unless they 2-0 or reverse sweep the Wolves. Losing Game 2 could tilt the team into an unwinnable position (as seen versus is GG).

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