Invictus Gaming invited to EPICENTER: MOSCOW

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Format of Epicenter
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Invictus Gaming has been invited to the second iteration of the EPICENTER to be held in Moscow in June. EPICENTER’s official Twitter page and Facebook page announced that the Chinese powerhouse received the invite rightfully.

Invictus Gaming, a team which has not performed well since the TI2 championships rose up with a new found confidence by winning the DAC 2017 and also finishing at a respectable 3-4th position at the Kiev Major. With players like Xxs and BoBoKa joining the ranks and the recent resurgence of BurNIng, Invictus Gaming have claimed their rightful position as the best Chinese Dota 2 team.

EPICENTER have taken a very creative path in announcing the invites by releasing videos which gave away hints by displaying the team’s recent best plays in a retro format. You can take a look at the video below:

Three more direct invites are yet to be announced. The remaining four invites have gone to Kiev Major champions OG, EG, EPICENTER defending champions Liquid and Kiev Major runners-up Virtus.Pro.

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Four teams are going to come through the qualifiers, one for each of the CIS+Europe, Americas, SEA and the Chinese regions. The open qualifiers for the regions have already started in all the regions. The closed qualifiers are starting today in China, SEA and Europe simultaneously.

Group Stage

The group stage will be held from June 4 to June 7. 10 teams will be divided into 2 groups of five teams each where matches will be played in a round robin fashion. The top 2 teams will advance to the semifinals directly while the other teams will battle it out for the remaining two places.

Prize Distribution

1st place: $250,000
2nd place: $100,000
3rd&4th place: $40,000
5th&6th place: $20,000
7th&8th place: $10,000
9th&10th place: $5,000

For more details about the tournament, please visit the official website.

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