Kiev Major: Evil Geniuses demolish Thunderbirds

Evil Geniuses
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Evil Geniuses
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Evil Geniuses gave a brutal drubbing to Thunderbirds as they took the series 2-0. This result ensures that Evil Geniuses advance to the Quarterfinals of the Kiev Major at the expense of Thunderbirds. A rematch of the TI6 semifinals, many fans expected the match to be pretty even, with the teams coming toe to toe in fights. But, all those hopes came crashing as EG clipped Thunderbirds’ to the ground.

Game 1

EG picks
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TB picks
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With Evil Geniuses opting to go for Storm Spirit, Suma1L’s signature hero, it was expected of him to win the midlane. But, thanks to MiSeRy’s rotations on the Bounty Hunter, Thunderbirds were able to secure two early kills on SumaiL. A teamfight in the 11th minute saw four members of Thunderbirds getting wiped off the map as Evil Geniuses got the game into their grips. It was a ride in the park from there for EG as they took full control of the match. It is interesting to note that SumaiL died only two times in the game despite his horrible laning phase. There was never any doubt as to who would win, thanks to zai’s rotations as well as SumaiL’s Storm Spirit.

Evil Geniuses. ZAI . A+. MVP of the game. Support

EG also tweeted:

Game 2

eg picks
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Game 2 heavily focused on Universe’s performance as he and zai bravely fended off an aggressive trilane by Thunderbirds’ Saksa, MiSeRy and Resolut1on. SumaiL, once again outgunned w33 in the midlane as they hammered Thunderbirds leaving a body count of 27 compared to the meager 3 left by Thunderbirds. A win was never in the books for Thunderbirds as a deadly Troll

tb picks
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Warlord-IO combo ripped Thunderbirds to pieces. A failed aegis snatch by w33 and bad game play overall led Thunderbirds to surrender to a much superior EG. Thunderbirds only kills came when they killed Treant Protector for the first blood and two other times due to EG’s lapse in judgement. Thunderbirds never really had to defend their high ground as they called GG early on in the game.

UNIVERSE . A+. MVP of the game. Offlaner. Evil Geniuses

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