Kiev Major 2017: Best Plays of Main Event Day 1

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The Kiev Major 2017 Main Event has been a blast for the fans so far. Liquid coming back against a resilient Newbee, Virtus.Pro demolishing IG.V and VG.J surprisingly knocking out Digital Chaos out of the tournament have been the talking points so far. Let us take a look at the best plays on Day 1 of the Main Event.

Day 1 of the Main Event of  the Kiev Major 2017 has produced some spectacular plays from the top players all over the world. BurNIng, with his Juggernaut and Miracle~ with his mind-boggling Templar Assassin plays, have left the fans’ eyes wide opened.

Invictus Gaming defeated Mousesports 2-1, while Team Liquid sent Newbee packing defeating them 2-1. The surprise of the day was VG.J knocking Digital Chaos out with a 2-0 series win in straight games. As expected, local team Virtus.Pro took down  Chinese team IG.V 2-0 in straight games.

BurNIng’s Rampage

The resurgence of BurNIng as a top-level carry has proved to be a boon for Invictus Gaming as they once again proved that they are one of the best in the world by defeating Mousesports 2-1. Thanks to a BurNIng rampage, IG were able to wrap game one with ease.

Miracle turns the tables

It was the 20th minute of the second game of the Bo3 series against Newbee and Team Liquid were in a very dangerous position. Newbee, recognizing that they have the advantage proceeds to the Rosh pit. Miracle~ buys back and rips Newbee apart securing a triple kill. This turned the tables for Team Liquid as they went on to win the game.

The Curse is Real

It was the third game of the series as Team Liquid and Newbee fought to hang on for their dear lives in the Kiev Major. The winning team would be advancing while the losing teams would be packing their bags. Amidst this, GH produced an absolute beauty on Winter Wyvern as he was able to trap 3 heroes of Newbee in the Winter’s Curse with Liquid wiping Newbee off the map.

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