Kiev Major 2017: Invictus Gaming defeats Mousesports in Round of 16

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Invictus Gaming became the first team to advance to the Round of 8 in the Kiev Major 2017 as they defeated a stubborn Mousesports team 2-1. Let us take a brief look at each game.

Game 1

Game one started off badly for Invictus Gaming as they lost their Crystal Maiden(Q) four times in the first eight minutes giving Mousesports a solid start. Mousesports opted for an aggressive tri-lane as Treant Protector(MNT), Beastmaster(Skylark) and Disruptor(SSaSpartan)

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against Juggernaut(BurNIng) and Crystal Maiden(Q).Madara’s Timbersaw was pitted one on one against Xxs’ legendary Magnus, while Op’s Shadow Fiend outgunned Thug’s Templar Assassin in the mid lane.

A team fight in the 24th minute turned bad for Mousesports as BurNIng was able to secure a double kill while Op could get one. This turned the scales in Invictus Gaming’s favor as they never slipped again as BurNIng completed a Rampage killing off the entire Mousesports team.

Game 2

Game two saw Mousesports adapt Team Secret’s style of aggressive play as Madara’s Lycan and Thug’s Templar Assassin was too much for Invictus Gaming to handle. There was never any doubt as Mousesports were always in the lead, thanks to Thug’s plays on Templar Assassin. A team fight near the Roshan Pit where Mouz wiped the whole IG team saw the crowd go wild.

The crowd, as usual, cheered for Mousesports at the top of their voices as they forced IG to a third and final game to decide who would be going through.

Game 3

Mousesports went for a draft that many fans term ‘failed draft’ as they last picked Phantom Lancer which is useless against an Invictus Gaming lineup consisting of Medusa, Omniknight, and a BurNIng Vengeful Spirit. Mousesports was never able to take down Invictus Gaming as they lost team fight after team fight leading to their defeat. Xxs showed the world how powerful a six slotted OmniKnight with radiance can be as he burned their opponents to death.

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