Dota 2 TI6 Players: Puppey to Leave Secret?

Captain and longtime member of Team Secret, Puppey, indicates that someone is leaving the crew in a Facebook message.

We all expected the roster changes would follow soon on the heels of TI6, but Puppey didn’t waste any time. I don’t even remember if there was a significant span of downtime between Secret’s elimination from the tournament by LGD and his declaration “One weeb less in Secret.”

After returning to some bookmarked links on this particular statement to do additional investigation, I found the content no longer accessible. That’s when I said a little “thank you” to the universe for screencapping of that particular Facebook post – ya know, just in case.

Very informative, Puppey. Thanks for sharing.

Very informative, Puppey. Thanks for sharing.

Who’s it Gonna Be?

I think most people interpreted this to be Puppey’s personal statement that he is leaving Secret. But before we jump to conclusions, let’s look at all the details available to us.

Puppey’s currently the team captain of Secret and he has a 2 year track record with the team. The fact that he’s still considered a fearsome competitor and that, as captain, he’s likely in on big decisions (like roster changes) both make me think he could be just as easily be talking about someone else.

Actual photo of Puppey after, rage-blind at Secret's loss, he posted to FB.

Actual photo of Puppey after, rage-blind at Secret’s loss, he posted to FB.

Furthermore, I think the fact that they pulled down the information so quickly supports the theory he was talking about another person. Now, I don’t know exactly what kind of contractual obligation he’s under, but if he was talking from a personal standpoint, I think it’s less likely he’d be forced to remove the post.

If, however, he was talking about team business without thought as to how this might affect the team’s image, future, etc. – in that case I think it far more likely they’d do a scrub campaign about his slip up. And let’s face it, 26-year-olds aren’t exactly known for their tact and restraint.

Follow Along for Future Roster Changes

Tear down that curtain and tell me what I want to know already!

Tear down that curtain and tell me what I want to know already!

I know you guys are itching to find out more details, and to be perfectly honest, I am too. I was seriously disappointed when I hopped on my ‘puter today to research more about that statement to find that I’d been preemptively stone-walled.

At the time this article was written, Liquipedia still listed him as captain/member of Team Secret, though I imagine that might have changed before this hits the site. Don’t worry. I’m watching it for us. For all of us.

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