Victory Road: pre-TI6 Team Rankings

There can be only ONE victor of TI6.Image used with permission by trungth @
There can be only ONE victor of TI6.Image used with permission by trungth @ /
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TI6 kicks off August 3rd and lasts through the 13th. We give you the pre-TI6 team rankings and a general team overview so you where things stand.

There will be 16 teams participating in TI6 from across the globe. Of these 16 teams, 14 have already been decided with direct invites and the regional main qualifiers. The remaining two slots up for grabs for TI6 will go to the 1st and 2nd place winners of the wildcard match that precedes the main event.

We... are... TI6!!!
We… are… TI6!!! /

Keeping all these teams straight can be difficult, especially the ones in different regions that you don’t follow. Here at DireDota HQ, we’ve compiled a list of rankings so you know how teams measure up to each other when the action gets started.

We’ve gone through the international rankings at gosugamers, joindota, and  e-rankings, taking into account their metrics along with our own. Starting from the bottom and working our way to the number one slot, we start our list out with…

14. TNC Gaming

Coming in at #14 is TNC Gaming, a pro-Filipino team. You may already be familiar with their notable high-risk, high-reward player Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho. DeMoN’s been in the pro-circuit since 2009, so it’s good to see him keeping at it.

They're TNC... they're dynamite!
They’re TNC… they’re dynamite! /

Check out DeMoN’s brutal Batrider game:

13. Team Secret

A little lower than we expected on this list is #13, Team Secret. Last year at TI5, Secret could only make it as far as a 7th/8th finish, but then again, this could be their year. The stream-star studded crew boasts crowd favorites Arteezy, EternalEnVy, Bulba, Puppey, and pieliedie. An entire team of people we like to watch play DOTA.

The best kept international secret out there.
The best kept international secret out there. /

Check out the best plays in their game against Alliance in the TI6 Euro qualifiers:

12. Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses take spot #12. Their first appearance at TI2 was unimpressive, with EG placing 9th – 12th. They saw much better success at TI4 where they placed 3rd, and even greater success at TI5 where they won the championship. One of the oldest names in North American gaming, they enjoy considerable fame in the DOTAverse with players like Fear, SumaiL, UNiVeRsE, zai, and ppd.

They may be evil, but there's no contesting the genius part.
They may be evil, but there’s no contesting the genius part. /

Check out the highlights of EG vs. Digital Chaos:

Up next are teams ranked 11th – 6th. If you thought the bottom third of TI6 competitors looked strong, just wait until you see the teams that remain. Starting off just shy of the top ten, our next ranked team is…

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