Victory Road: pre-TI6 Team Rankings

There can be only ONE victor of TI6.Image used with permission by trungth @
There can be only ONE victor of TI6.Image used with permission by trungth @ /
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11. Wings Gaming

Once considered the top contender in the Chinese scene, Wings Gaming takes #11. This will be their first appearance at The International, but if their performance is as strong as it’s been looking at Nanyang S2, they might really shake things up. A notable name on this roster is the once-upon-a-time pubstar, IceIce – not to be confused with EHOME’s IceIceIce.

Bakaaw! ... couldn't resist.
Bakaaw! … couldn’t resist. /

Check out the “best of” reel for the game that led them to qualifying for Nanyang S2 against VG Reborn:

10. Digital Chaos

The #10 place goes to North American team Digital Chaos. This will be the team’s first time at an International, though team members Resolut1on and MiSeRy have their fair share of TI experience. Maybe with this roster, those two can manage a better placing than their highest, 9th – 12th. Two names for you to watch in their lineup include pubstar w33 and the aforementioned MiSeRy.

The chaos may be digital, but the excitement is real.
The chaos may be digital, but the excitement is real. /

DC hasn’t been doing so well at Nanyang. They were pushed into the loser’s bracket after a loss in the quarterfinals to CDEC Youth. Here are the full highlights :

9. Alliance

At #9 is the Euro team, Alliance. They took first at TI3, but their second appearance was less inspiring. In 2014, they only managed to place 11th – 12th, and they didn’t even qualify last year. Veteran player, Loda “L-god,” his partner in crime Akke, along with pubstar AdmiralBulldog are noteworthy members.

For the Alliance!
For the Alliance! /

Watch Alliance fight a losing battle against lower ranked Team Secret here:

8. MVP Phoenix

Spot #8 is filled by South Korean team, MVP Phoenix. This team made history at TI4 by being the first Korean team to take part in an International. Not much for the limelight, this team is dedicated to practice and is serious about their DOTA. Still, we think it might be healthier for them to cut loose every no and then, if only to give me more to talk about when discussing their players.

MVP! MVP! MVP! ... with a name like that, I'd vote for 'em.
MVP! MVP! MVP! … with a name like that, I’d vote for ’em. /

Here’s a game at ESL One Frankfurt 2016 where MVP faces off against team Fnatic:

7. Vici Gaming Reborn

Beating out Wings in the rankings is the Chinese team Vici Gaming Reborn at #7. Sorry Wings, that must sting a little bit, especially considering how hard you practice. I’m sure VG.R works just as hard. VG.R recently emerged victorious in the Chinese qualifiers against to earn their seat at the TI6 table. Watch for player fy’s Rubick game.

Just burn their mana so they can't reincarnate.
Just burn their mana so they can’t reincarnate. /

Watch VG Reborn fight it out with EHOME in game two of the qualifiers:

6. Natus Vincere

#6 is the Ukrainian gaming sensation, Natus Vincere. Na’Vi has consistently performed well since its founding in ’09. They’ve taken part in every one of Valve’s International Championships series since it started in 2011. Dendi’s creative plays won’t fail to disappoint.

Born to win - God I'm glad I studied Latin.
Born to win – God I’m glad I studied Latin. /

Take a look at Na’Vi doing their best in Frankfurt against team OG:

Whew! We made it to the top five. Took some reading, some watching, and some clicking, but we’re here now. That’s the important thing, really. This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the top five teams headed into TI6 starts off with…

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