The Top 5 Carries in 6.87d

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These Carries Put the Team on Their Backs in 6.87d

5: Drow Ranger

Drow has maintained a consistently positive winrate in public matchmaking, and has won close to 60% of her games in pro play over the whole of the 6.87 patch cycle. The recent build path change to Dragon Lance, which now includes Agility, was a huge buff to Drow, and Hurricane Pike gives her a backup “get out of my face” button in addition to Gust.

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4: Ursa

The changes to early Rosh kills in 6.87 seemed like a big nerf to Ursa, but his results in-game haven’t borne that out. Ursa is the top bear when it comes to very quickly taking down single heroes. The meta-game in 6.87d has continued to favor beefy Strength-based carries who are less elusive than their agile counterparts, and Ursa excels at melting these big targets down quickly before they can output much damage.

3: Sven

Sven is one of the top 10 heroes by winrate overall in public matchmaking right now, coming out on top in nearly 55% of games played. Sven is the first hero on this list that fits into a category that will become a trend in our top trifecta: he’s a good Echo Sabre user. The powerful new item gives more consistent burst to the extra hard-hitting Sven, while providing him with valuable health and mana regen.

2: Lifestealer

Lifestealer is another great Echo Sabre user, who also benefits from the buffed Armlet of Mordiggian. Lifestealer is the single most frequently picked carry in competitive play throughout the 6.87 patch cycle, and shows no sign of slowing down with a pro winrate better than 55%. Whether he’s running around immune to magic and double-clawing you or Radiance burning you while stomping around inside an ancient creep, Lifestealer is a terrifying force in 6.87d.

1: Wraith King

Wraith King? Wraith King!

The spookmaster carry supreme is the best carry this patch because he is in the best position to take advantage of 6.87d’s strongest items. Wraith King benefits from the buffed Armlet, and can sustain through the upped 6.87d health loss with his Life Steal. Echo Sabre synergizes with his big, scary crit, and gives him mana regen to keep him topped up for Reincarnation. Finally, Wraith King is a great holder of the buffed Blade Mail with his damage steroid, short cooldown stun, and double life.

These powerful but affordable items form an incredible core build that gets the Wraith King engine of destruction rolling in the midgame, a timing that was hard to achieve for the hero in previous patches. Wraith King has the 4th highest winrate in public matchmaking now, surpassed only by perennial pubstomp utility heroes Omniknight, Necrophos, and Abaddon. As if that weren’t enough reason to play him, he also boasts a competitive winrate of almost 65%. So, doot doot, hop on the spook train and ride this ghostly terror to easy wins in 6.87d.

Winrate stats come courtesy of Dotabuff and  GosuGamers.

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