All 10 Invoker Spells, Ranked


Invoker Has a Litany of Powerful Spells, but Which One is the Best?

10: Ice Wall

Ice Wall is actually a pretty good spell! It’s just not as strong as… all of Invoker’s other spells. It has a big slow and deals damage, but it’s not strong or disruptive enough to have invoked the majority of the time.

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9: Sun Strike

Sun Strike at number 9!? Yes, I’m saying it: This spell is not that great. I like watching 360 degree MLG sun-snipes across the map as much as the next Dota player, but in most games those kinds of plays aren’t going to pan out. Sun Strike is super powerful as part of a combo with some lockdown, but on its own it’s rather hit or miss, so to speak.

8: EMP

Another spell that combos well with other crowd control skills. EMP can wreck a teamfight by locking out multiple enemies from using their skills, but it’s a hard spell to land.

7: Alacrity

A few months ago, this would have been up at number one. Alacrity is a crazy spell that gives Invoker huge laning power and buffs teammates, but it’s taken a few too many balance hits that have dragged it into the middle of the pack.

6: Tornado

A crowd control skill that comes out this fast, travels this far, and comes with a purge? Tornado is ridiculously strong.

5: Chaos Meteor

The meatball just deals so. much. damage. Slow and telegraphed as it is, there are few better AoE nukes in Dota.

4: Ghost Walk

Ghost Walk is what gives Invoker his impossibly annoying roaming power. Ghost Walk lets Invoker assassinate enemies and slip out of certain death. The combination of invisibility and bonus movement speed is just aggravatingly strong.

3: Deafening Blast

Though it’s been nerfed since its auto-kill combo days, Deafening Blast is still a skill that would be a worthwhile ultimate ability on almost any other hero. Damage, displacement, and a disarm that lasts six-and-a-half seconds at max level with Agh’s can just shut a teamfight down.

2: Forge Spirits

Forge Spirits are just really powerful, all game long. They can make Invoker feel unbeatable in lane, with their ranged, armor-melting assault. And if you leave Invoker alone in a lane? You can bet those Spirits will be taking down your tower.

1: Cold Snap

Cold Snap gives Invoker kill potential from the moment he spawns in-game, till the Ancient falls. Cold Snap is probably the most annoying spell to get hit with in all of Dota, and the source of much of the frustrated rage players tend to throw Invoker’s way (a powerful tool of mental warfare in its own right). Cold Snap is the glue that binds Invoker’s kit together, turning Forge Spirits into death sentences, locking enemies into Chaos Meteor’s burning path, and ruining anyone foolish enough to challenge Invoker without BKB in a teamfight.