The 7 Most Annoying Heroes in Dota 2


Slark, Riki, and Nature’s Prophet Rank High in Our List of the Most Annoying Heroes in Dota 2

Dota 2 has a diverse roster of heroes, with varying strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, some of these heroes strengths include being really, really annoying. Here is our list of the 7 most annoying heroes in Dota:

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7: Alchemist

Alchemist is very frustrating to play against because even if you outplay him in lane, it’s near impossible to keep him down. Greevil’s Greed gives him so much bonus gold that he can seemingly snowball ahead even when he should be far behind, while Acid Spray and his ultimate allow him to run off and farm stacks in the jungle when driven out of lane.

6: Silencer

The rage that erupts from Silencer preempting your perfect initiation or teamfight-turning spell with Global Silence is enough to make you scream. Supposedly his ult has a 130 second cooldown, but based on experience it feels more like 20.

5: Huskar

In League of Legends, there’s something known as the “Shaco effect”: a natural law that dictates that an enemy player piloting a particularly obnoxious hero will inevitably wreck face, while an ally on the same character will fail beyond your wildest dreams. So it seems to go with Huskar: enemies will snowball as though the latest batch of Huskar nerfs were secretly tremendous buffs, while “friendly” Huskars feed like the enemy team’s 6th player.

4: Nature’s Prophet

A perennial player on the most annoying heroes list, the rat king is still driving us nuts even when he has a low winrate in general play. His unstoppable split push is headache-inducing, and God help you if you get a mushroom hat Prophet on your own team.

3: Invoker

The recent rash of Invokers has jumped this jerk up to a medal-worthy spot in the annoying hero Olympics. Cold Snap, Tornado, Forge Spirits, and Cold Snap are all extremely frustrating to play against. (Yes, I said Cold Snap twice. It deserves it.) Invoker shows up, does all of this bolonga, and then Ghost Walks away. Please Ghost Walk out of our lives forever, Invoker.

2: Riki

You knew he was on this list somewhere, you just hadn’t seen him yet. Permanent Invisibility is a supremely annoying ability, and with his new ultimate, Tricks of the Trade, Riki became even more annoying. Now we’re seeing this terrible invisi-goat man in pro games. What even?

1: Slark

Let’s take a look at Slark’s abilities:

Pounce: gives Slark a free escape from danger and also locks you into place if it hits you. Really annoying.

Essence Shift: Slark steals your stats. Steals. Your. Stats. For a really long time. On top of that, he gives himself bonus stats for the trouble, all for an obnoxiously long time. Mega annoying.

Shadow Dance: Allows Slark to become both invisible and undetectable (thanks, Icefrog) while still being able to attack and cast spells (???) As if that weren’t enough, from level 6 Slark gains permanent passive movespeed and health regen when out of sight of enemy champions. This means it is imperative to lock him down and kill him immediately before he can run off and quickly heal back up to full. Except…

Dark Pact: A powerful nuke that also casually PURGES DEBUFFS from Slark, over a period of time. Meaning all of your careful plans to ensure that Slark gets stunned or silenced are for naught, because he’ll just lose the debuff and run away, before popping back in to steal your stats and use them to kill you. What a guy.

Slark has the honor of topping our list of most annoying heroes.