The International 2016 Battle Pass Overview


The Summer Battle Pass Includes Compendiums for TI6 and Manila, Immortals, and More!

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The Battle Pass for the Manila Major and The International 2016 has been live for a couple weeks now. Covering multiple tournaments and introducing several new features, it can be tough to keep track of what one gets from this Battle Pass. Whether you’re still on the fence about purchasing or you already have a Battle Pass and need a refresher on what’s in store, here is a breakdown of the biggest rewards that you get from the summer Battle Pass.

Compendiums for Manila and TI6

This Battle Pass comes bundled with a double whammy of two compendiums. (Compendia?) The Manila Major Compendium is available now. The compendium for the sixth International will be available at some point later this summer. (Our best guess is that it will go live shortly after Manila concludes.) Both of these “books” include the traditional information and hype for the tournaments, as well as the always fun prediction pages, which can be used to earn points for your Battle Pass.


For many players, the Battle Pass is most important for one singular, shiny reason: new “hats”! The TI 2016 Battle Pass has three leveled chests that grant Immortal-classed items. Unlike previous Battle Passes, just purchasing an unleveled Pass guarantees you one of each chest from the get go. However, unlike the past, the chests are not available for purchase themselves directly, so devoted collectors will have to level their Battle Pass high or wait for Immortals to hit the marketplace later on if they want the full sets.

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Like the Battle Pass for the Shanghai Major, this Battle Pass comes with three large quest lines that lead to unique skins, as well as daily and weekly quests for Battle Pass points. A fourth major quest line is available for high level Battle Pass owners, focused on playing Legion Commander. Many of the quests have been altered since release, and Valve still seems to be fine tuning the best way to keep the quests fun and interesting without disrupting normal gameplay.


Onibi, “the evolving courier,” is granted with Battle Pass Purchase. Through leveling up the Battle Pass, owners can gain access to a total of 21 additional styles.

Maiden’s Wheel and Lina’s Balls

Returning from last Pass, Crystal Maiden’s wheel of fortune, “Rylai’s Battle Blessing,” is back. Spins are earned erratically, but it works out to about once every ten levels to begin with, spreading out a little more at very high levels. New to this Battle Pass is “Lina’s Battle Blaze,” a pachinko game played with fireballs for varying Battle Pass point rewards. Pass holders begin with three fireballs, and can earn more through  large-scale Community Challenges that must be completed through the work of all players with a Battle Pass.