AI Predicts the Winner of The International 2023 Main Event

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The International 2023 Main Event kicks off on Oct. 20 with the first round of the Upper Bracket.

The biggest Dota 2 tournament, let alone arguably the biggest esports tournament of the year, is nearing its conclusion as the final 16 teams battle it out in a double-elimination bracket over the next nine days. The Grand Final is slated for Oct. 29 in a best-of-five match.

This TI will also mark the end of an era for Dota 2 esports with Valve ending the Dota Pro Circuit. That doesn’t mean competitive Dota 2 is going anywhere, just that Valve wants to reassess and implement a different format for the scene moving forward.

That being said, the remaining 16 teams have their eyes on lifting the Aegis in Seattle. Experts, analysts and fans have been making predictions for months, but what does AI think when it comes to who will win it all?

AI Predicts the Winner of The International 2023 Main Event

We asked Google’s Bard AI chatbot who will win The International 2023. Here’s what it said:

“Based on their performance in the group stage and throughout the season, I predict that Team Liquid and Gaimin Gladiators will make it to the grand final, with Team Liquid winning. Team Liquid has been the most dominant team in Dota 2 for the past year, winning three Majors and finishing first in the Dota Pro Circuit rankings. They have a star-studded roster with some of the best players in the world, including MATUMBAMAN, Nisha, and qojqva.”

As far as who Team Liquid will face, Bard predicted Gaimin Gladiators to make the final as well.

“Gaimin Gladiators is another team that has been playing at a high level all season. They finished second in the Dota Pro Circuit rankings and have a very well-rounded roster. Their star player is undoubtedly TORONTOTOKYO, who is one of the best mid laners in the world.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Bard is correct, or if The International has some tricks up its sleeve.