Dota 2 10th Anniversary Event Extended Until Sept. 18

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Dota 2’s 10th Anniversary Event has been extended until Sept. 18, Valve announced in a news post.

As Valve even put in in the announcement, players have been scrambling to get however many treasures remaining to get the 10th Anniversary Rewards available. “There’s no end in sight. You’ve played core. You’ve played support. You’ve played mid. (Once you even tried jungling.) Nothing. Three weeks just isn’t enough time to get all of those 10th Anniversary Rewards,” Valve said.

“You know who agrees with you? Gabe Newell. You know who’s fired if we don’t extend the event so he can get his Ursa set? According to Gabe: us. So we’re happy and relieved and still employed to announce that the end date of the 10th Anniversary event is now Sept. 18.”

Dota 2 10th Anniversary Event Extended Until Sept. 18

Here’s the full list of rewards available during the 10th Anniversary Event players can get until the new end date:

  • Dolfrat and Roshinante (Courier) – 2011
  • The Alpine Stalker’s Set (Ursa) – 2012
  • Relic Sword (Wraith King) – 2013
  • Flimtail (Courier) – 2014
  • Bindings of the Deep Magma (Earthshaker) – 2015
  • Anniversary Staff of Gun-Yu (Monkey King) – 2016
  • Heaven-Piercing Pauldrons (Invoker) – 2017
  • Gabe Newell Chat Lines (Account Special) – 2018
  • Hidden Vector (Void Spirit) – 2019
  • Aghanim’s Roshan – 2020
  • Mirana Persona Bundle – 2021
  • Shader Effect 2023 – 2022

The final reward for the 10th Anniversary Event is a special Tormentor set.

“All jokes aside, we’re really lucky to have a community as supportive as Dota’s. We’re happy to have been able to share this journey with you so far. So for the next couple of weeks, jump in a match and help us celebrate the decade behind us. We look forward to all the games to come,” Valve said in the event announcement back on Aug. 17.

The developer also recently announced that it banned 90,000 smurf accounts in Dota 2 hoping to clean up the matchmaking environment on all fronts.