Dota 2: Winter Wyvern Hero Manipulation Powers, Explained

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Winter Wyvern is a universal class playable hero with a ranged attack type. She is well renowned for her ability to manipulate opponents to attack their allies and can be played in a number of heroes like Disabler, Support, or Nuker.

Winter Wyvern is among the versatile heroes in Dota 2, possessing several powers like; Arctic Burn, Splinter Blast, Cold Embrace, and Winter’s Curse.

The Valve Corporation and Dota 2 have narrated Winter Wyvern in this way:

"Winter Wyvern stalks the skies, slowing foes with burning cold as she soars over the battlefield. Should the enemy be foolish enough to gather, she curses them to attack one of their own as she blasts the gathering with icy splinters."

Dota 2: Winter Wyvern Abilities

Arctic Burn

When using this ability, Winter Wyvern flies over a target, granting her unobstructed movement, and attacking opponents with a blistering chill effect. It is a no-target magical ability. Attack slows down the target when hit accurately.

Splinter Blast

Splinter Blast is a magical ability as well that shoots a piece of mystical ice at the enemy. The ice doesn’t affect the primary target but affects almost all surrounding troops.

Cold Embrace

When the esteemed hero launches this ability, it surrounds itself with an enchanted ice cacoon that blocks all physical attacks. In addition, it grants a hero with health healing ability. However, the hero remains frozen till the ability is worn out.

Winter’s Curse

The Winter’s Curse is a damage unit type ability that is more type of manipulation of opponents, which causes enemy troops to attack their allies which are frozen with increased attack speed.

Given is a short overview of the abilities of Winter Wyvern. Still, players are advised to utilize them in the real domain before going forward. As the ability seems to be simple to use might differ in real use.