Dota 2 takes strong action by permanently banning 40,000 cheaters accounts

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In a recent article Valve Corporation team, it has permanently banned over 40,000 accounts in Dota 2 that were found using third-party software to cheat in the game. The software was giving cheaters an unfair advantage by giving them access to information not visible during normal gameplay.

Given that Dota 2 prioritized the implicit issue and the players using such tricks will be permanently banned, says Dota 2. In this context, the released patch fixes all known issues associated with this cheat. This patch will lead to further strengthening of the fair gameplay policy of Dota 2.

"This patch created a honeypot: a section of data inside the game client that would never be read during normal gameplay, but that could be read by these exploits. Each of the accounts banned today read from this “secret” area in the client, giving us extremely high confidence that every ban was well-deserved."

The Dota 2 team and developers have stated that they will continue to detect and remove exploits as they come and ban users who cheat. They also want to make it clear that using any application that reads data from the Dota client during gameplay can lead to a permanent ban from the game, including professional players who will be banned from all International events by Valve Corporation.

Given above can be considered as a direct warning of banning players, even professional players in tournaments as well.

The team emphasizes that Dota 2 is best enjoyed when played on an even field, where victories are earned by skill and tenacity. They thank those who reported suspicious behavior in-game and those who reviewed overwatch cases where cheating behavior was observed.

Overall, the Dota 2 and Valve Corporation team is committed to making the game Dota 2 a better experience for all players by cracking down on cheaters and maintaining a fair playing field.