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Faceless Void is an agility class melee attack type playable hero in the game Dota 2, who is well known for freezing foes. Dota 2 officially states that he is best suited for the role of Initiator, still some prefer him to play as a carry, durable, disabler, and also escape hero.

Let us make ourselves comfortable with the abilities of Faceless Void.

Dota 2: Abilities of Faceless Void

Time Walk

Time walk is a type of teleportation plus time traveling ability, kind of blend. By using this ability, the hero is able to teleport to the target location, undermining the damage that it took 2 seconds ago.

There is Scepter and Shard Ability Upgrade of Time Walk allows the hero to go back for 1.5 seconds back to the time with all resources and health it gained after using Time Walk.

Time Dilation

Time Dilation ability enables the faceless void hero to trap enemy heroes in Time Dilation. The trap is held for 8 seconds, while the victim keeps on getting damages per second. During this period, the movement speed and attacking speed are slowed down.

Time Lock

Time Lock, is a passive magical ability that freezes the enemy and attacks it for a second time via a timed faceless void.


Chronosphere creates a void in real spacetime, which enables the hero to move at an incredible speed and damage the enemy units inside. The creeps and units controlled by hero are unaffected in here.

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This is how the Faceless Void is expressed on Dota 2’s official site

"Time is everything to Faceless Void. He speeds time to dash between locations, manipulates it to dodge attacks, stops it in a large area to devastate his foes, and given enough of it to gather resources, he can make himself unbelievably powerful."