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Earth Spirit is a strength-class melee attack-type hero in Dota 2 game. He is popular for his role in the disposition of the enemy units. In addition to the power of dispositioning, Earth Spirit is also great at disabling enemies from using their abilities.

Let us take a quick overview of the powers possessed by the hero.

Abilities of Earth Spirit

Bolder Smash

Boulder Smash is a passive ability that summons a strong indestructible bolder, which he shoots toward the enemy units and creeps. However, the ability is suited against the heroes having melee attack type, where the units need to come in contact to execute their attacks. But in the case of ranged attacks, the ability will not be that effective.

Rolling Boulder

Rolling Boulder, a magical ability that teleports the Earth Spirit toward the enemy that it hits. The power is best suited to decrease the distance by merely attacking the enemy.

Geomagnetic Grip

The Geomagnetic Grip summons a boulder behind the enemy and pulls it. All units in their way are stuck.

Stone Remnants

Stone Remnants call out the stone remnants to assist in the field of war. However, in actuality, the stone remnants have no vision and are vulnerable to enemy attacks. But they can be used along with the hero attacks.


Magnetize invites stone remnants at a target location, and makes it explode. The exploding damage the enemy units.

Officially the Earth Spirit is narrated in this way by Valve Corporation

Earth Spirit keeps the enemy in chaos and his friends in the fight. Adapting to any battle scenario, he can send his statue remnants back and forth to damage foes or grips an ally from the jaws of death.