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Drow Ranger is an agility class ranged attack-type hero in Dota 2, well known for her ability to slow down enemy movements with her iced arrows. After analyzing her abilities, she is well fit for the role of Carry and also Disabler.

Players are advised to look into the matter of the abilities and issues arising out of it. Here is a quick guide on the abilities of Drow Ranger.

Dota 2 – Abilities of Drow Ranger

Frost Arrow

Frost arrows is a magical ability that summons iced arrows, which on hitting keep on dealing damage and also slow down their movement and attack speed.


Gust is the ability to use release a wave that pushes back the enemy units around it. This ability is best to use against the melee attack type heroes. However, this has no effect on the heroes whose main targets are from distant ranges.


Multishot is an ultimate ability that keeps on shooting arrows toward the enemies which excel huge damage. The ability lasts for 1.8 seconds. However, the drawback of the ability is that all the arrows don’t make their way toward the enemy. Some miss them.


The given above drawback is corrected by the marksmanship ability that adds accuracy to the hero’s attacks. One simple arrow is followed by an accurate high-damage dealing arrow.

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The official description of the hero Drow Ranger by Dota 2 developers is as follows:

"Not many can escape Drow Ranger once she’s within range. After her foes have been silenced with a chilling blast, she finishes them off with a barrage of slowing, ice-tipped arrows that few can survive."

Given is just an overview of the abilities that are mentioned in the game. In this sense, the reality of using the abilities can vary in theory and practice. Therefore, it is advised to practice these abilities before going on.