Dota 2 – Here are abilities of Crystal Maiden Intelligence Hero

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Crystal Maiden is an Intelligence Class Ranged Attack-type playable hero in Dota 2 game. She is well known for her powerful area of effect abilities and her powers to control the course of the war & match with her mighty potency.

In order to get familiar with Crystal Maiden, one must examine the hero, along with her abilities and drawbacks.

Dota 2 – Abilities of Crystal Maiden

Crystal Nova

Crystal Nova is a powerful ability that allows her to split an aura of frosts that slows down enemy units and creeps. This ability is surely useful in a critical situation where the enemies are outperforming allies in speed.


As the maiden is a crystal-type hero, her most of her powers are related to crystals. In Frostbite ability, she throws escarpments that freeze the enemy units for 10 seconds. This a good time to get rid of it and other creeps.

Arcane aura

All friendly units on the map and range receive increased mana regeneration, and allies within 1200 units of Crystal Maiden receive 3x the bonus. Crystal Maiden herself receives 6.0x the bonus. That is why Dota has described her as a mana supplier.

Freezing Field

It is the ultimate power of the hero, that summons 100 meteors explosions, that on hitting slows enemies and also deals heavy damage to them.

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Dota 2 and Valve Corporation has narrated Crystal Maiden in this way

"Able to keep her allies supplied with mana as she slows down enemies to ensure a kill, Crystal Maiden is a helpful addition to any team. And, when the opportunity arises, she can unleash her massive ultimate ability to devastate her foes."

Crystal-Maiden is a very reliable hero who can be played in numerous roles like Disabler, nuker, or support hero. However, one must spend some time with her abilities to get used to them.