Dota 2: Guide on the Abilities of Bristleback

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Bristleback is a strength-class playable melee attack-type hero in Dota 2. He is well known for his high durability and ability to deal area-of-effect damage to enemy heroes attacking him from behind. He is often played as offlaner and carry hero.

Dota 2: Abilities of Bristleback

Vicious Nasal Goo

Vicious Nasal Goo is an ability that slows down the enemy units that are in front of the Bristleback. In addition to the slow movement speed, it also reduces the armor. There is also an ability upgrade that removes the range unit limit for Vicious Nasal Goo Ability.

Squill Spray

It is a physical attack-type ability, that sprays quills around the effective area. The ability keeps on dealing damage to the unit, taking hits in the last 14 seconds.


Bristleback is a hero who excels at both taking and dishing out large amounts of damage, particularly when attacked from behind. He is especially effective against teams with many melee heroes that rely on basic attacks. Furthermore, his ultimate ability, Warpath, makes him increasingly powerful as the battle continues, making him a formidable opponent in one-on-one fights.


Warpath is a passive ability that allows the Bristleback to increase its movement and attack speed when cast.


Hairball is an ability that throws a quill-packed hairball toward the target location. It explodes on reaching the target, hitting enemies in with Viscous Nasal Goo and stacks of Quill Spray.

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This is how Dota 2 officially describes Bristleback:

When it comes to a fight, Bristleback really puts his back into it. Reducing all damage arriving from the rear or from the sides, he wades into battle with barely a care, spraying enemies with damaging quills and slowing snot.

When playing as Bristleback, proper positioning is crucial to maximize the effectiveness of your abilities and capitalize on the increased damage from rear attacks.