Will Team Liquid improve on 2016’s TI6 run, or come up short?

Last year Team Liquid earned a whole 2.5% of the prize pool by finishing in a tie for 7-8th Place. This would be completely unacceptable for TL given how they’ve played in 2017; they’ve been on top of their game. Liquid has entered nine tournaments this year, and took 1st Place in six of them. In fact, TL has only finished below 2nd Place on two occasions. When you look closer at the results, it hasn’t all been good. So, I have a question for you all: will Team Liquid improve on their TI6 placement.

Will Team Liquid improve from last year?

During the TI6 group stage, TL earned a 5-9 overall games record and nearly got eliminated immediately. Fans watched Team Liquid improve following the group stage. The managed to win two series before meeting Fnatic for a shot at reaching the losers’ quarterfinals. TL won a Bo1 against Natus Vincere, and then reverse-swept Newbee. The reverse sweep was impressive, as TL took Game 2 in less than 18:00.

Europe came up short against Southeast Asia in the losers’ quarterfinals. Fnatic swept Team Liquid by two games to none. If Team Liquid meets Fnatic at TI7, I doubt that history repeats itself. I’ve seen Team Liquid improve by a great margin since the end of 2016. In fact, I expect Newbee or Team Liquid (if not both) to reach the finals of TI7.

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