Reasons why Team Secret will fail at The International 7

With just two days until The International begins, I want to have a word about Team Secret. I don’t necessarily believe that the tournament will end in disaster for the club, but it’s certainly in the cards given their recent performance. There’s a chance that Secret will fail, so let me explain why. On the other hand, Secret can’t come up shorter than last year. The only way is up from dead last at TI6, right?

Reasons why Secret will fail

In part 1 (link) I discussed how Team Secret performed in May. There were several highs during that period. Unfortunately, their form dipped heavily at the end of the month. A trip to Manila ended poorly. Secret earned the lowest placement at the Manila Masters out of all the teams that received direct invites, tying for dead last with Clutch Gamers.

Secret will fail because they’re generally struggling at the moment. Now entering August 2017, we’re two months removed from the top-notch form we observed at the DreamLeague Season 7 EU Division. To claim 1st Place there, Secret had to maintain consistency and I gave a lot a credit for that in the past.

The thing about TS, and the main reason I believe Team Secret will fail at TI7 stems from what appears to be stage jitters. A different team shows up when premier tournaments begins, which is why Secret haven’t claimed any premier titles in 2017. It’s difficult to assume that all of a sudden Team Secret will pull it together against the world’s most elite teams.

I just watched them place 3rd out of four teams at DreamLeague Season 7 by losing to Planet Odd. PO can beat anyone, but the results shows Secret’s lack of readiness at the moment.

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