TI7 prize pool: winnings reach $23,000,000 with 3 days remaining

In case you didn’t know: esports has arrived. Long gone are the days when playing video games was considered a waste of time. There are plenty of things to gain from spending your time gaming in 2017: fame, honor, and (most important of all) money. The International 7 begins in less than two days, and TI7 prize pool is immense. Below I’ll be describing the specifics of how the money is distributed, because 18 teams are preparing for a ridiculous pay day.

Breaking down the TI7 prize pool (with interesting statistics)

The TI7 prize pool (at the time of writing) is $23,122,056. This is big, but it’s not the first time that 20 million dollars has been given out to play Dota 2. In 2016, the prize pool was $20,770,460 USD, so it’s safe to say that Dota 2 is growing. The prize pool started at (only?) $1,600,000, and then Valve threw in 25% of fans’ purchases to create the great number you see above in bold. It’s great to see a community where fan’s fund the pros they love to watch compete.

Simple subtraction shows that fans have contributed nearly $22,000,000 to the cause. Dota 2 players have increased the base prize pool by more than 1300%. I won’t be surprised if the TI7 prize pool reaches $25,000,000. There are nearly two more weeks remaining to contribute. The crowdfunding doesn’t stop until the tournament ends, but the action kicks off August 2nd, 2017 in Seattle, WA.

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