OG partners with Red Bull, is this REALLY a good idea?

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Red Bull has been a part of esports for a long time. Esports fans may even attribute a lot of esports recent success to the energy drink distributor. By becoming a common sponsor of esports teams across different games as such a recognizable brand, Red Bull has done a lot to draw in the attention of individuals who otherwise wouldn’t have batted an eye.

However, let’s not overlook the gravity of the partnership OG recently made. It’s interesting that the beverage-maker is now up front and personal entering TI7. What we’re witnessing is an established esports team rebranding because of a partnership. Is this crossing the line?

Red Bull’s logo becomes one with OG’s logo prior to TI7

Isn’t it interesting that OG just abandoned their team colors? There is no green to be found. The logo is now very American-looking, which looks unusual given OG competes throughout Europe. I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with what’s going on. But, from what I can observe, the two companies are getting very friendly in a hurry.

This doesn’t have much to do with Dota, and appears to have a lot to do with selling energy drinks. Is it a good idea to drink Red Bull while gaming? Do their products improve players’ performances? I haven’t heard a whole lot about it from professionals, but a lot of average joes are probably conviced. I’m curious if any readers can find examples of pro gamers that prefer Red Bull over other products.

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