Higher or lower than TI6: struggling OG may miss Top 8

Remember the TI6 group stage when OG went undefeated in series to win Group A? It was impressive. They swept four series and held their own against Wings Gaming, EG. The tie against LGD was a bit questionable, but overage the group stage performance was dominant.

Suddenly MVP Phoenix appears, and decides to flip the switch. MVP Phoenid ended the group stage without a single series win. Yet, somehow the 6-8 upper bracket creeper sends down the 11-3 group stage winner. If you’re not familar with The International, OG’s story is a prime example of the surprises we have in store this week. The International 7 begins August second.

OG bows out of TI6 in a hurry

Falling MVP Pheonix at TI6 wasn’t the biggest deal, but it was surprising because I favored OG entering the first round. However, most Dota fans got the feeling that something was up after Game 1. To their credit, OG didn’t shrink under the pressure; they made a series out of the winners quarterfinals by taking Game 2. They didn’t shrink until they met TNC Pro team.

TNC qualified from the Southeast Asia Open Qualifier and essentially made their name at this tournament. Defeating OG played a great role in cementing their relevance in the region. The organization gained a lot of respect and recognition in the Dota community. Notably, TNC Pro Team held a ladies only audition for a Dota 2 team. They’re trying to revive a short-lived scene.

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