Higher or lower than TI6?: Newbee tries to reach Top 8

What’s a fan supposed to do when their favorite team is absent from The International? Unbiasedly root for another team? Watch the show as fan of the game, rather than the fan of a team? That’s for you to decide, but I find myself in that situation this year. I controversially made Newbee my dark horse pick for TI7. Reddit disagreed with the pick because Newbie received a direct invitation from Valve. My thoughts on that are here. For now, let us recall The International 2016.

Newbee needs a Top 8 finish at TI7

Coming out of the group stage, Newbie was in 3rd Place and earned a spot in the upper bracket. Running into Evil Geniuses in the winner’s quarterfinals isn’t the most fortunate result matchup, but Newbee played a semi-close series agaist EG. Nonetheless, they were to the losers’ bracket before making progress. To make things worse, Team Liquid was waiting in the wings. TL took care of business against Natus Vincere in losers’ round 1 to meet Newbee.

Newbee took Game 1 before Team Liquid did what they usual do. In case you missed it, Team Liquid pulled off a reserve sweep against Planet Odd July 22nd in the grand finals of DreamLeague Season 7. This sweep was more impressive because the series was Bo5. However, both series were similar because Team Liquid swung with momentum by ending the game in the 18th minute. Team Liquid can really suck the life out of a team with their backs against the wall.

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