Higher or lower than TI6?: Will Invictus Gaming improve from last year’s run?

If you don’t think you’ll see Invictus gaming improve on last year’s run at The International you’re wrong. The fact of the matter is: Invictus Gaming missed The International in 2016.

It doesn’t particularly matter that invictus Gaming hasn’t been playing their best lately. If case you’ve been under a rock, I have to tell you than iG is waning. They’ve missed the Top 4 of their last three events. The worst part is, the Mars Dota 2 League and Manila Masters only had eight teams involved. Invictus Gaming is struggling to separate themselves from the pack.

Invictus gaming improves on last year regardless

Invictus gaming and their sister squad, iG Vitality, missed out on TI6. However, both teams learned from last years mistakes and will play in Seattle this week. iG Vitality lost a tiebreaker against Vici Gaming and missed the playoffs. Invictus Gaming went 6-3 for 3rd Place in the group stage fore getting abused by both Vici Gaming squads. Invictus Gaming finished the playoffs winless and went home straightaway.

iG knew they needed to make changes going into the next tournament cycle. To closeout 2016 they added three new players: BurNing, Op, and Q in mid-September 2016. It didn’t take very long for the team to gel. By the turn of the year, Invictus Gaming had solidified itself as a team to look out for within one of Dota 2’s biggest regions.

No doubt, I’ve seen Invictus Gaming improve since TI6. Hopefully they’re not fizzling out already. It’d be a terrible time to do so. Share what you think about Invictus Gaming’s chances at TI7 on Twitter. And remember, #LetsTalkDota has daily topics to tweet about.