Higher or lower: did Evil Geniuses improve enough to reach semis at TI7?

Of each team that received an invite to Ti7, EG is the one I’d question regarding improvement. Did Evil Geniuses improve, or not? They’re not a team that you get to watch very often. They show up when there’s a bunch of money on the line. I’ve kept a close eye on how the organization chose to operate over the last year. Simply put: they wait around to receive invites. Since reaching the Top 4 of TI6. Evil Geniuses haven’t gotten out of bed for less than a $140,000, and the next closest was $250,000 at the Manila Masters.

Did Evil Geniuses improve, or nah?

I have to give it to the EG decision-makers. Their plan worked out, and there’s not much evidence to deny it. They’ve played in six premiers since the start of the year, and zero qualifiers. It makes sense to call Evil Geniuses a self-sustaining organization. Especially since the lowest finish thus far in 2017 has been 6th Place.

I don’t want to give too much credit to the North American squad because they’ve only claimed one title since the start of 2017. This isn’t worrisome, but it isn’t impressive either. EG’s low-risk approach to tournament participation works against them in some ways. For example, if EG decided to play in a couple qualifiers this year. They could have beat down some of NA’s lesser teams.

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