Higher or lower: does Fnatic have a shot at the finals of TI7?

Southeast Asia as a whole did fantastically at The International 6, and one of my main concerns for TI7 is whether or not the region can continue to impress. Fnatic played a big role in all of this. Their 4th Place finish earned the org 1.5 million dollars. Dota 2 hasn’t remained lucrative for the past 12 months. Fnatic Dota 2 has earned less than $20,000 since their Top 4 finish at TI6.

However, that doesn’t mean the team isn’t ready to do big things.

Is Fnatic a contender or a pretender?

Fnatic really popped up out of nowhere when the TI7 qualifier came around. My personal predictions for the TI7 SEA Qualifier had Team Faceless coming in 1st (which became TNC Pro Team), Clutch Gamers coming in 2nd (which became Fnatic), and TNC Pro Team coming in 3rd (which became Execration). I had it all wrong, but I’d love to see evidence of someone that got it right, because this tournament was something else.

The only thing that worries me about this current iteration of Fnatic is Ahjit. He is far from the most experienced Carry player at this tournament. His big stage experience includes only the Boston Major, where WarriorsGaming.Unity tied for 5-8th Place with a 2-1 loss to (the eventual winners) OG.

It’s very possible that Ahjit gains a boost from his experienced teammates. This is only the biggest of the story for Ahjit, so I don’t want to add any pressure to the guy. I’m curious how well he can perform if Fnatic play around him and gain some confidence.

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