Gabbi must regret leaving Execration now that they’re playing at TI7

If you haven’t heard of Gabbi yet, now is the time to learn. He’s a Carry player and his birthday is tomorrow (August 1); he turns 22 years old the day before TI7 begins. Unfortunately, he won’t be attending The International because he chose to join Clutch Gamers. Participating in esports’s biggest tournament (and guaranteeing a big chuck on change) would have been a great birthday gift for himself. I just hope Gabbi doesn’t regret leaving Execration. 2017 could have been his first appearance at The International.

Should Gabbi regret leaving Execration, missing TI7?

There are multiple angles to view the situation from. On one hand, details regarding why Gabbi left are still unclear. Sometimes you have to flee to avoid bad working conditions. I get that. However, sticking around could have done great things for his Dota 2 career. The International is a tournament with a huge spotlight, and a strong showing opens up many avenues for expansion.

For a while, I’m sure Gabbi didn’t regret leaving Execration whatsoever. After spending nearly a year with the team (joining during summer 2016 and departing in spring 2017), Gabbi joined Clutch Gamers and many fans of the Southeast Asian Dota 2 believed Clutch Gamers were something special.

By defeating Team Faceless twice during the EPICENTER 2017 SEA Quaifier, Clutch Gamers earned a spot in the 3rd most significant tournament of the year thus far behind TI7 and the Kiev Major. Though, EPICENTER 2017 ended as a tragedy for CG.

When the TI7 SEA Qualifier began, Clutch Gamers looked pretty good. A 6-3 record was good enough for 4th Place and earned a playoff spot. CG swept Mineski to before getting swept by Fnatic. Clutch Gamers met Gabbi’s former team in the losers’ finals, and Gabbi fell to Execration by two games to one.

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