CC&C nearly carried Team Freedom into The International 7

CC&C and Team Freedom had a really good run at the North American Qualifier for TI7. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to reach the big show. Team Freedom looked spectacular during the group stage. Groups took place over two days; TF started slow on Day 1 and dropped their opening series, but they straightened up immediately and won seven straight Bo1 series to earn a tiebreaker for 1st Place.

This tiebreaker against Team NP (now Cloud9) was incredibly important, as the winner is sent striaght through to TI7. The 55-minute tiebreaker went to Team NP, so CC&C and Team Freedom were forced to play their way in through the playoffs.

CC&C  and Team Freedom enter the playoffs as the highest seed

The playoffs began with a series against compLexity Gaming. CC&C earned a total of scoreline of 18 kills, 6 deaths, and 24 assists in the two-game sweep of semifinals. Team Freedom’s next opponent was Digital Chaos, so CC&C met Abed in the the mid lane. Digital Chaos took Game 1 before losing two straight to TF. Freedom reached the grand finals as their mid laner went 21/12/16 in a close series against DC.

This wasn’t the last time TF met DC, unfortunately. compLexity took Game 1 from Digital Chaos in the losers’ finals, but couldn’t hold on to the lead. The grand finals were a rematch of the winners’ finals, but this time Digital Chaos had all the answers for Team Freedom. A 3-0 sweep has left a sour taste in CC&C’s mouth.

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