DreamLeague 7 Grand Finals: Team Liquid’s turnaround part 1

DreamLeague 7 was a very smooth ride for Team Liquid — until they reached the grand finals. TL swept their way into the finals, though some of their games could have gone either way. The game I’m reviewing today, Game 3 of DreamLeague Season 7’s grand final versus Planet Odd, was not close in any sense of the world.

Saksa gets killed in the first minute, handing first blood over to KuroKy. w33 equalized the kill count in the third minute by getting a little revenge, killing KuroKy. MISERY fails an engage in the fifth minute, and it costs Planet Odd his life and w33’s.

After 10:00 the game started slipping away from Planet Odd, as Team Liquid turned a 1k gold lead (ahead 7-3 in kills) into a 8k gold lead ahead 17-4 at 16:00.

Resolut1on managed to protect his scoreline despite a disaster taking place around him. He finished the 18-minute loss with a 0/0/0 scoreline. MISERY and Saksa both went 0/6, and Saksa had no kill participation. MoonMeander finished 0/7/1, and w33 earned a respectable 3/3/1 for 100% participation.

This series really symbolizes Planet Odd and why they’ll be absent from TI7 next month. Betting on this former Digital Chaos squad is a dice roll; they may be number 1 or number 6. Despite this catastrophe, my boys still finished ahead of Team Secret and Vega Squadron. For that they deserve a pat on the back.

DreamLeague 7 Grand Finals: Team Liquid’s turnaround, Game 3

DreamLeague 7 was a great (and unexpected) test for Team Liquid. Did dropping Game 1 and Game 2 change your mind about TL? Let us know on Twitter what you liked and disliked about DreamLeague Season 7. And remember, #LetsTalkDota has daily topics to tweet about.