Dota 2 noob stream: help grow the Dota 2 player/viewer base during TI7

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Esports fans generally know Dota 2 has a high barrier to entry. It’s not easy to become a Dota 2 player; which is unfortunate given the spectacular prize pools that Dota 2 majors and The International have to offer. In the past, the Dota 2 noob stream was an effective means of converting new viewers into consistent viewers and joining the player base.

The following video was made with hopes that it would begin a movement to bring back the Dota 2 noob stream for TI7 this August 2017. SUNSfan‘s reddit post gathered nearly 8000 points. The first wave was a success, now let’s keep the tides rolling.

tl;dw: Help Bring Back the Dota 2 noob stream for TI7

When you weigh the pros and cons of bringing back the noob steam, the pros outweigh the cons tremendously. It should take minimal resources to create. In the event that six serviceable Dota 2 casters are willing to get on camera for free, the required resources become next to nothing. SUNSfan claims that these casters will be seen by roughly 100,000 unique viewers. That sounds worth it for any aspiring Dota 2 casters.

Without a noob stream, Dota 2 may suffer in the longrun. When you look at the current spectrum of competitiveness in MOBA esports (HotS, SMITE, LoL, Dota 2), Dota 2 is at the furthest end. It’s a hardcore game compared to the others, where HotS leans more toward the arcade style. People want to join the community, but it’s just not that easy. The noob stream opens a doorway of sorts.

SUNSfan didn’t believe the noob stream would return when he made the video, however, he’s still making an effort. Many individuals confess that the Dota 2 noob stream helped peak their interest in Dota. The noob stream should exist not only for The International, but for all Dota 2 majors.

Let’s take this opportunity to spread the word and grow the Dota 2 player base across all regions. If you know a caster willing to participate, put them in touch with @SheenSah or @SUNSfanTV. I’m sure one of us will point them in the right direction and ensure we have a revamped Dota 2 noob stream for TI7.