Headed to TI7: Infamous Gaming, undefeated in South America Qualifier

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South America has one spot at The International 2017. Infamous Gaming claimed the spot going undefeated in South America. This qualifier was unusual for typical standards. The entire playoff stage — semifinals, winners’ finals, losers’ finals, and the grand finals — were sweeps. South America was broomwork all around.

Many viewers will be surprised to see Infamous Gaming attending The International. Infamous Gaming struggled to exit South America because SG e-sports was playing goalkeeper for the region. Take a page from IG’s book: don’t think that you can’t score because there’s a goalkeeper.

Undefeated in South America: IG sweeps the region

Going undefeated in South America can effect Infamous in one of two ways. One, IG can become bold and stubborn because of their victories. Stubborn confidence is great to have in high-level competition. Two, they can match up against the world’s elite Dota 2 teams and shrink due to the pressure. What do I think will happen? I’ll tell you closer to the start of TI7. For now let’s focus on how IG made it to The International. Surely, many fans stood behind SG e-sports and Midas Club Elite. This was a bad look in the end.

In order to go undefeated in South America, Infamous first sent SGe to the losers’ bracket. Midas Club Elite met IG in the winners’ finals and played a close Game 2 before falling to the losers’ bracket. SGe  stepped up, making a great losers’ bracket run and sweeping MCE in the losers’ finals. The grand finals series was a rematch of the semifinals, and IG proved their preparation. The first two games weren’t even that close.

What sort of chance do you give Infamous Gaming at TI7? We can talk about that while we wait for the big tournament to begin in August.

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