Born with eight fingers, Alliance’s Pablo: still ballin’ … or, dotin’?

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Being born with eight fingers is something many would consider a handicap. At least when it comes to Dota 2, Pablo claims it’s no big deal. Take a look at Alliance’s profile about their support player. For more Alliance content, including player profiles and highlight reels, click here.

Born with eight fingers? No Problem at all.

Thus far in 2017, Pablo has played in 14 professional tournaments, and boasts a 14% win rate. Not bad at all. Remember, Alliance isn’t the best team in Europe; however, they just won their most important tournament of the year in June (The International 2017: Europe Champions Qualifier). Anything can happened from here, but Pablo and Alliance are on their way toward a prize pool that currently sits at just over $18,000,000.

First quarter of 2017

Pablo played his first seven tournaments of 2017 with Horde, who disbanded earlier this year. His biggest cash prize of the year was in March at the ProDotA Cup Europe #15, where Horde earned $2,000. Horde disbanded after missing out on the Kiev Major 2017 Regional Qualifer; they met Beanboys and lost in a 2-0 sweep.

Second quarter of 2017

After Horde, Pablo played two tournaments with Prodota Gaming. PG missed the Top 4 in both tournaments. After spending April with Digital Company, Pablo joined Disco Inferno and faced Digital Company at ProDotA Cup Europe #18. DC won the Bo1. Pablo played with Alliance at the Lootbet Invitational (an opportunity to reach Summit 7). This was Alliance’s first Top 4 finish of Q2, finishing ahead of mousesports.

Alliance will have a tough time competing with Europe’s elite, and even Europe’s semi-elite; however, they shouldn’t be counted out. Dota 2 is full of surprises. Great teams lose in the first round to risings stars (ahem, Team Liquid). Undefeated group stages lead to immediate playoff exits (ahem, Team Secret). Anything is possible, and let Pablo be an example of how burdens can become advantages.

It’s all a matter of perspective. Being born with eight fingers likely hinders Pablo’s ability to do certain things. It means nothing in his esports career, so it’s all about finding your personal niche.

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