Reaction: EPICENTER 2017 Team ELO changes for Group B

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What we have here is a reaction to a highly upvoted /r/Dota2 post: Competitive Meta Trends – EPICENTER 2017. There’s a ton of interesting info there regarding which teams picked which characters and their success rates doing so. It closes with ELO changes for each team that competed. Below are my thoughts of the Team ELO changes for Group B: Clutch Gamers, Planet Odd,, Invictus Gaming, and Evil Geniuses.

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EPICENTER 2017 Team ELO changes for Group B

Clutch Gamers lost half as many points as Natus Vincere despite similar results. I don’t know about this. Clutch Gamers went 0-8 as well, and this must be considered a disaster. CG struggled to convince viewers that they’re capable of ruling SEA Dota 2.

Moments of brilliance have come Clutch Gamers regionally, challenging better-known teams (like Faceless). Rest assured — if Team Faceless came out of SEA for EPICENTER 2017, 0-8 wouldn’t have been the result.

Planet Odd got an unfair shake. I may be a little biased on this one because I tend to root for these guys. Look at the teams they played, though. They were swept once out of four series, and went to a Game 3 twice. How did they lose 100+ points? Let me know on Twitter what you think of this nonsense.’s outcome looks fishy when compared to OG’s. Mind you, OG missed the playoff round and they still gained points. Yet, VP loses to the tournament winner in the first round and gets penalized for it.

Invictus Gaming, of late, looks like a bully that lost its mojo. Everyone knows to come ready when matched up with them; however, pro teams must have a blueprint out on iG these days. Since early April, at DAC 2017, Invictus Gaming hasn’t been able to bring a title home (or even reach another final).

Look at the difference between EG and LFY — 64.65 points. LGD.ForeverYoung didn’t come prepared for TL. To be fair, fans may make the case that EG didn’t either, but EG took a game from Team Liquid and made a series out of the EPICENTER finals. Evil Geniuses got jipped. Straight up.

EG and LFY both had great group stage runs, and EG made it to the finals. But somehow, EG lost points at EPICENTER. This is very, very interesting to say the least.

Overall grade for team ELO changes for group B: D+