The International 2017 Shuffle: SEA

TI7 /

 This time, South East Asian region truly has a chance to pull of an upset and take Aegis. Teams such as Faceless, Clutch Gamers and TNC have shown great cohesion coupled with individual brilliance. Rosters are locked and loaded, gunning towards the seventh edition of The International.

Let’s take a look at the teams and their squads heading into TI7.

Unchanged Rosters


Faceless is arguably the best team in SEA. Despite having sub par performances at DAC and at The Kiev Major, the team has some of the best individual talents. Their performance at the Manila Masters and defeating the tournament favorites OG, shows how strong they can be. Keeping in view of their recent performances, Faceless is most likely to receive direct invite to The International. The players on the roster certainly have the caliber to win at the grandest stage.

Current Roster

Name                             Position

xy                                                    1

Black^                                             2

IceIceIce                                           3

Jabz                                                   4

Nutz                                                   5

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Roster Changes

Clutch Gamers

Clutch Gamers have recently garnered a lot of attention by qualifying for four premier LAN tournaments. They most likely will receive invite to the regional qualifiers and have a fair chance to qualify for the main event. Despite having a lackluster performance at the Manila Masters, they have a roster with individually talented players who can make clutch plays.

Current Roster

Name                             Position

Gabbi                                               1/2

Armel                                               1/2

rappy                                                 3

FLYSOLO                                             4

Boombacs                                           5


This Filipino powerhouse is well known for their aggressive play style and unpredictability. They are likely to receive an invite to regional qualifiers. With Rose(1437) recently joining the team, they have certainly got stronger with experience complementing individual brilliance. Though the team has shown weakness against the fellow SEA teams(The SEA curse), they perform well in big stage.

Current Roster

Name                             Position

Raven                                                 1

Kuku                                                   2

Sam H                                                 3

Tims                                                   4

Rose                                                   5


Fnatic built their new team around Ohaiyo and dropping Mushi. With the addition of new talent to the roster, the team looks formidable. With QO as mid and Ah Jit as carry, we could expect that aggressive play style that MVP Phoenix once carried. They are expected to get an invite to Regional Qualifiers. It will however be interesting to see how the new roster is going to fare against TNC and Clutch Gamers.

Current Roster

Name                             Position

Ah jit                                                 1

QO                                                   2

Ohaiyo                                               3

DJ                                                     4

Febby                                                 5


Mineski completely changed their roster by borrowing CIS players Mag and .Ark and adding them to the existing SEA talents. With Mushi leading the team, we could possibly see Mineski pulling off an upset in the qualifiers and qualify for the main event.

Current Roster

Name                             Position

.                                                           Ark                                                      1

Mushi                                                    2

Mag~                                                   3

ryOyr                                                     4

ninjaboogie                                              5

Geek Fam

The new roster looks promising. It will be interesting to see how they perform in the qualifiers.

Current Roster

Name                             Position

Syeonix                                               1

Teehee                                                2

Velo                                                  3

Roddgeee                                              4

SexyBamboe                                           5


WG.U lost its glory ever since Ah jit and Ah fu left the team. Chyuan and Wenn are relatively new players replacing them.

Current Roster

Name                             Position

Chyuan                                                 1

Nana                                                    2

KaNG                                                    3

xNova-                                                 4

Wenn                                                    5

These are the major changes in the South East Asian Region ahead of Roster Lock.   If we missed anything, leave your comments below to notify us!

To view the complete roster changes, please visit this link.