Manila Masters 2017: OG vs. Faceless predictions, losers’ bracket

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Welcome to the second half of Manila Masters 2017 losers’ bracket predictions. In part 1 I broke down the iG vs. Team NP series. Let me know on Twitter how well I did. Here we have OG vs. Faceless.

Both OG and iG look like shells of their usual selves, unable to win their giveaway series from the winners’ bracket. Let’s get straight into it.

Manila Masters
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OG vs. Faceless: Detailing Europe’s champion org

Winning million-dollar tournaments has become the norm for OG. Since 2015 OG has won four million-dollar series. In November 2015 it was the Frankfurt Major. A 3-1 victory versus Team Secret granted OG 1.11 million dollars.

In 2016 there were two more million-dollar series wins for OG. The first came in June at the Manila Major, when Team Liquid was defeated 3-1 for 1.11 million dollars. Just before the end of 2016, in December, OG won the Boston Major. A 3-1 victory against Ad Finem (now mousesports) gained the OG organization another one million dollars. Ad Finem actually made more headlines than OG, given OG’s expectation to dominate.

Only four month later, in April 2017 at the Kiev Major, OG narrowly eliminated to earn another one million dollars.

All of this leaves me begging the question: who will knock this OG freight train off the track?

OG vs. Faceless: The current state of Dota 2 in SEA

More often than not, Team Faceless represents Southeast Asia’s Dota 2 scene. However, the SEA region is quickly becoming more competitive. Team Faceless tends not to continue their domestic dominance internationally, so it’s exciting to watch the likes of Clutch Gamers and TNC compete against representatives of greater regions. NA and China have been particularly tough for Team Faceless to defeat. I’m looking forward to Faceless breaking through this criticism.

The matchup at hand features a European giant, OG. Invictus Gaming may have proven unprepared to compete in Manila, but OG is a different animal. Faceless may take a game, but they won’t take the series; OG advances to losers’ round 3. I’ll put it out there now. Look forward to EG vs. OG in the losers’ finals. It’s going to be a good one.