Manila Masters: Winner Bracket Finals- EG vs Newbee


EG, the North American aces against Newbee, who have made a comeback recently in the pro scene was an exciting match up from the get go. With a dominating game 2, Newbee moved to the Grand Finals of Manila Masters.

EG after their victory against IG moved to face Newbee in the Winner Bracket Finals of the Manila Major. Newbee defeated EG in two games straight and secured their spot in the Grand Finals. With this, Newbee have certainly strengthened their chances of receiving direct invite to The International 2017.

Game 1


Evil Geniuses


EG drafted Puck and Razor, the heroes they had more success with in the tournament. As a response, Newbee drafted Sven, SandKing, Enigma and Crystal Maiden providing lock down on EG’s cores for ages. The combination of stuns, silences and roots were too much even for an elusive hero like Puck to deal with.

The game started with Newbee chain stunning Arteezy and killing him for first blood. This scene repeated in lane multiple times, forcing Arteezy out of the lane. In the mid lane however, Puck destroyed QOP in the one vs one match up. But this was all in vain, as Sccc could catch up to the cores of EG in the mid game after multiple successful team fights. Kaka had a stellar performance on SandKing, roaming around and initiating for kpii to find easy BlackHoles.

Newbee dominated every team fight in the mid-late game, thanks to kpii’s itemization on Enigma. Linkens, BKB and BlackHole wrecked EG squad every time. Arteezy, despite stealing high damage, got kited hard and couldn’t deal damage to the heroes. kpii landed 3 man BlackHole during one Roshan fight, which wiped EG and forced buyback from Puck. Sccc secured an ultra kill and later caught Tusk on his way back to the base. EG committed buyback on Arteezy fend of Newbee.

Newbee quickly took the Roshan and with aegis and cheese in hand, initiated the team fight successfully. Realizing the EG had no buybacks on cores, Newbee proceeded towards the base as EG tapped out.

Support. Newbee. KAKA . MVP.

Game 2


Evil Geniuses


In the most one-sided game of the tournament so far, Newbee built an insurmountable lead right from the laning stage. Despite having unfavourable match up in the lane, Sccc’s OD destroyed Templar Assassin with the help of kaka.

The roaming duo of Clockwerk and Crystal Maiden had high impact in preventing EG’s cores farming safely. Astral Imprisonment into Clockwerk’s Cogs was very difficult to deal with especially in the early game. Kpii continued his flawless performance on TideHunter once again in the tournament.

Sccc’s OD soon became too hot to handle for EG side as he stacked up 80 Intelligence in a single team fight destroying EG and sending them to the Losers’ Bracket.

. Support. Newbee. KAKA . MVP

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