StarLadder i-League Invitational: Invictus Gaming eliminates Alliance

Invictus Gaming vs Alliance
Invictus Gaming vs Alliance /

Invictus Gaming eliminated Alliance from the second iteration of the StarLadder i-League Invitational and advanced to the playoffs. They battle it out against Team Liquid for a place in the finals.

Game 1 was a very passive game as both teams didn’t go for kills in the mid game and prioritized on pushing the lanes and securing farm for their carries. In fact, the game didn’t see any kills for almost 15 minutes. Let us take a look at both the games.

Game 1



alliance picks
alliance picks /

Invictus Gaming

ig picks
ig picks /

Game 1 was one of the most boring games of Dota I’ve ever seen as both teams were reluctant to get into team fights. In fact, only two fights took place in the whole game. IG drew first blood as they killed Handsken’s Spirit Breaker.

From that moment onwards, Alliance took the lead by killing Riki 4 times and Jakiro 2 times in the first 15 minutes. Despite all this effort from Alliance, Burning couldn’t be stopped as he came online on his Razor and secured 7 kills for his team.

Limmp was the best player on the ma but couldn’t do anything alone as Loda’s Troll Warlord was a failure.

This time, Invictus Gaming showed us that they can draft differently and still win the series.

Invictus Gaming. BURNING . MVP. . Carry



Game 2


Alliance Picks
Alliance Picks /

Loda – Sven

Limmp – Tinker

jonassomfan – Clockwerk

Handsken – Jakiro

EGM – Rubick

Invictus Gaming

IG Picks
Burning – Juggernaut /

Op – Ember Spirit

Xxs – Magnus

Boboka – Sand King

Q – Disruptor

The game started off with Alliance drawing first blood, killing the Disruptor in the sixth minute. The entire game went fight oriented as both teams traded blows till the 22nd minute. A team fight near the Roshan pit went awry for Alliance as IG wiped them off the map. They even managed to kill Loda’s Sven twice due to him carrying the Aegis.

From there on, it was cake walk for IG as they won team fights while not presenting kills to the Alliance lineup. Burning was his usual self on the Juggernaut while Xxs once again proved that he is one of the world’s best Magnus players.

Alliance called GG in the 43rd minute as IG was too far ahead in terms of gold as well as XP.

Carry. Invictus Gaming. BURNING . MVP.