Kiev Major: Home team Virtus.Pro sends VG.J home winning the series 2-1

No[o]ne of Virtus.Pro
No[o]ne of Virtus.Pro /

Virtus.Pro defeated VG.J with a 2-1 score in a closely fought Bo3 series. This win advances Virtus.Pro to the Semifinals and secures their spot in the top 4.

Game 1

VG.J Picks
VG.J Picks /

VG.J took game 1 in the Best of 3 series as Virtus.Pro couldn’t capitalize on

Virtus.Pro Picks
Virtus.Pro Picks /

their early aggression strategy. The first blood of the game went to Virtus.Pro as Freeze’s Lina was killed by Solo’s Crystal Maiden. But, unfortunately for VP, Crystal Maiden died 3 times in the first 10 minutes proved fatal as VG.J took the lead. But, VP looked to take the lead again by initiating some good pickoffs. This wasn’t enough as VG.J killed the Crystal Maiden five more times in an 8-minute window. In addition to that, they even executed a beautiful team fight, killing an Ursa with the Aegis and also pawning 3 VP players.

Virtus.Pro tried to gain the advantage but couldn’t as VG.J tore apart the VP team with some amazing initiations. The Crystal Maiden pick provided no value as she constantly died in the game giving VG.J a considerable advantage.

Aggressif was also really good as he secured 13 kills for his team, including 9 assists and a kill participation of 73 percent.

MVP. Aggressif was on point as he secured the win for their team with his consistent plays on the Lifestealer.. Carry. VG.J. AGGRESSIF

Game 2

VG.J Picks
VG.J picks /
Virtus.Pro Picks
Virtus.Pro Picks /

Game 2 was a No[o]ne show as he terrorized the whole VG.J team. The game saw at least two records being made as  No[o]ne recorded a staggering 921 GPM, the third highest GPM in a professional Dota 2 game with a Templar Assassin.

His 193 last hits in 20 minutes ties with the highest total on Templar Assassin. Interestingly, that came during the TI5.

No[o]ne almost had a 100 percent kill participation as he was involved in 22 of the 24 kills that Virtus.Pro made. With a draft rotating around a Phantom Assassin, VG.J were completely out drafted. There was no definitive action until the 15-minute mark but that was when the Templar Assassin came online.

It was a pure No[o]ne show as Virtus.Pro secured the win in front of the home crowd in a dominating fashion.

MVP. No[o]ne absolutely ripped VG.J apart with his Templar Assassin as VG.J fell to a beast midlaner.. Mid. Virtus.Pro. NOONE

Game 3

VG.J Picks
VG.J Picks /
Virtus.Pro Picks
Virtus.Pro Picks /

Game 3 was the best of the series as both the teams were trading constant blows. Virtus.Pro, who drafted Ursa in all three games of the series surprised fans when No[o]ne played it in the midlane.

Ramzes666 was closed early on by Fenrir as the Treant constantly harassed the Slark with his frustrating bash. This led to Ramzes666 finishing his Silver Edge a bit late that usual. But, No[o]ne out farmed Freeze’s Ember Spirit as he claimed 23 kills in the whole game.

But, the highlight of the whole game was Disruptor and the Dark Seer executing an amazing wombo combo as they combined the Static Storm and the Wall. 9pasha was absolutely on point as his timely Vaccum-Wall combos gave Virtus.Pro the much needed victory in front of the home fans.

MVP. 9Pasha takes the MVP with his amazing Vaccum-Wall combos and his synergy with the Disruptor.. Offlaner. Virtus.Pro. 9PASHA

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