The 30 Most Played DOTA Heroes… and Their Counters

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If you’re getting thrashed time and time again by the 30 most picked heroes on this list, the counters included could give you a fighting chance.

As the meta shifts, it’s true that characters come in and out of popularity. With every patch, certain ones become more viable, and others less so. But some picks will always be strong, and some heroes will be fun to play no matter what happens in the meta.

I don't need some hippy telling me what's an opinion and what's not!

I don’t need some hippy telling me what’s an opinion and what’s not!

But these favorites can also be a thorn in your side if you don’t know how to respond to them. I’ve seen more than a few of people lose their minds when a certain hero is chosen by the opposing team. Inevitably, they cry out choruses of “They picked so-and-so? GG,” and “effing Hero’s more rigged than a sailboat.”

Stow the rigging and hoist the mainsail, rudder at 12 degrees and bring me that bottle.

Stow the rigging and hoist the mainsail, rudder at 12 degrees – and bring me that bottle, kitteh.

Newtonian DOTA

For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. It’s all about having the right reaction. Of course, counters will vary widely depending on many factors, like the inventory of the hero you’re trying to put in the dirt, that hero’s teammates, the items being built by those teammates, and so on. In some cases, your particular situation might call for a response that is counter-intuitive.

But knowing the weaknesses of the most popular picks of all time will better prepare you for the next time you run into them. And trust me, that’s going to be sooner than later. So let’s kick things off with the bottom of the list…

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