Dota 2 TI6 News: Main Event Results and Highlights (Day 5)

That last day before the grand finals where the winner of TI6 will be determined.
That last day before the grand finals where the winner of TI6 will be determined. /

Today, we’ll find out the Grand Finalist from the Upper Bracket and see the conclusion of rounds 4 & 5 of the Lower Bracket. TI6 hype!

And then there were five.

Yesterday, teams TNC, Liquid, and Ehome were beat out by DC and Liquid. This leaves teams EG, Wings, DC, MVP, and Fnatic within reach of the Aegis.

C'mon... everyone's doing it. It's a TI tradition!
C’mon… everyone’s doing it. It’s a TI tradition! /

DC’s first matchup against TNC was nothing short of heart rending. I started out cheering for TNC. They had a really tight first game. But at the end of the series, I couldn’t help but be swayed to DC’s side.

Something about good DotA just makes me want to jump bandwagons, I guess.

DC’s second game against Ehome was a lesson in Void dominance. I hadn’t realized Ehome had such difficulty keeping Void in check, and I agree completely with the panelists that banning this hero outright (along with, maybe, Timber) would have greatly increased their odds.

Hindsight’s a rough mistress with so much money on the line.

We saw a case of buyer’s remorse in Liquid’s second game against Fnatic. Pipe and Black King Bar were probably the two biggest oversights that led to an incredible turnaround by Fnatic. In the hilarious words of an anonymous Redditor…

Gold medals for days.
Gold medals for days. /

Match Schedule

  • Lower Bracket Round 4: MVP vs Fnatic
  • Upper Bracket Finals: Wings vs EG
  • Lower Bracket Round 5: DC vs TBD

For those of you who have been following along all week, the schedule remains unchanged. If, however, you are just joining the TI6 fun for the first time today, be quick with those minutes in between games. As soon as games finish, players will begin the one on deck.

Much like every other day of TI6, the will broadcast get started at 10 AM PDT. The first game will begin shortly after at 10:30 AM PDT.

Post and Viewing Details

In the same format as previous days, I’ll be updating results live. I’ll also be posting the highlights reels as soon as I’m able, so check back here to get a video summary of the action if you miss a game.

There are streams out there for most languages. You can watch the action live on the official English live stream 1. For those of you more comfortable in another language, those can be found here.

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Lower Bracket Round 4

MVP vs Fnatic: 0 : 2


Upper Bracket Finals

Wings vs EG: 2 : 0


Lower Bracket Round 5

DC vs Fnatic: 2 : 0


T-minus One Day and Counting

This is it, guys! Seeing as how this is the last day before the Grand Finals, I have no doubts that all teams will be bringing their A-games, and we’ll be here with the news. Check back with us!