Dota 2 TI6 Fashion: Teams Ranked According to Style

Will the most stylish team take first place?
Will the most stylish team take first place? /
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13. EHOME (Pictured: old chicken, old eleven, old Lanm, iceiceice, Fenrir)

Ehome and MVP’s jerseys seem to be suffering from the same disease. Even so, I ranked Ehome a little higher since they accented their uniforms with some lines/markings. Based solely on fashion, Chinese Dota seems to really be struggling.

12. Digital Chaos (Pictured: w33)

But that's just about all that's tasteful.
But that’s just about all that’s tasteful. /

I have words for SUNSfan about this one. I question your team loyalty, sir! A true Suns fan should know that purple and orange are a ghastly combination. The purple itself looks like something straight out of the mid 2000s.

I do commend you on keeping your sponsor logos tastefully positioned and sized. Still a disappointing showing.

11. Natus Vincere (Pictured: Dendi, Ditya Ra, SoNNeikO, Artstyle, GeneRaL)

Na’Vi deserves at least a little credit for attempting to make their jerseys look unique, but I’d be failing in my duties as fashion critic if I didn’t penalize them for not wearing the same one. It’s called a uniform for a reason, guys!

The alternations in the color scheme ruin the harmony that is necessary for an effective jersey. If you’re taking notes for next year, try keeping things more consistent. Good effort, though.

10. Evil Geniuses (Pictured: SumaiL, Fear, zai, ppd, UNiVeRsE)

I can’t point to anything specific that is wrong with EG’s jackets, per se, but it’s way too close to Alliance’s legendary threads for my liking. The whole atmosphere they seem to be trying for screams, “Take us seriously,” which automatically makes me not want to.

There’s also no variation with their logo. It’s the same as the one used on their usual merch, and with its size and placement, it could easily be mistaken for a sponsor instead of the team’s actual name. Just be glad Suma1l’s pants in this pic don’t affect your rating, guys.

9. Escape Gaming (Pictured: KheZu)

I struggled with this one. I really did. I find the color scheme to be pleasing and the criss-cross pattern clean. The front of the shirt isn’t crowded with sponsors. But the black part doesn’t seem to fully wrap around the shoulders, making it look almost like they’re wearing a jersey over a t-shirt.

All this fashion's made me REAL thirsty.
All this fashion’s made me REAL thirsty. /

Kind of like a warm-up jersey.

Furthermore, your decision to add your website’s URL only detracts from the clean look. You could have easily put this off to one side or the other, keeping it noticeable without pulling eyes away from the design.

All in all, not too shabby for your International debut.

8. Fnatic (Pictured: DJ, Ohaiyo, MidOne, 343)

You’ll notice the coloring here is similar to Escape’s jersey, but Fnatic managed to add pop to their jersey with ads across the front. I’m particularly fond of the dot pattern, and the gray sleeves tie together well with your team logo.

Chinese Dota fashion could take some pointers from you guys.

7. Alliance (Pictured: Akke)

But what???
But what??? /

Thanks to their ownership, both Alliance and EG share jerseys that are almost eerie in how similar they look. Alliance gets an edge for their use of a lighter shade of gray for their jacket’s base, but they have the same issues with logo placement EG did.

Thank your lucky stars you guys have such an iconic jacket. That article of clothing is the reason you’re ranked this high.

6. OG (Pictured: Moon, Miracle-, Fly, N0tail, Cr1t-)

I like how these uniforms are simple yet still flashy. The logo along with the green markings on the shoulders offset the primarily black garment. My fashion sense is telling me that this jersey would look a whole lot better if they included a green line down the side of the shirt, maybe with the logo placed at its top…

Solid work on this jersey, guys.

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